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Thread: Newb Question

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    Newb Question

    So I just installed a Caseta Wireless bridge, and a couple of dimmers. Everything is working great, and I purchased a Pro bridge so that the dimmers can be integrated into my Control4 environment.

    One question:

    One of the dimmers is controlling some outside flood lights with LED bulbs and a built-in motion sensor. This doesn't seem to be working. Is it because of the motion sensor, the LED flood bulbs, or both?

    Any solutions?

    The lights will occasionally flash on and off but that's about it.


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    Both...this could be an LED compatibility issue and/or a minimum load issue...

    In general, we don’t recommend using our Caseta switches in conjunction with motion sensing fixtures/bulbs. All of our Caseta products have a minimum load requirement, and that requirement may not be met when the sensor/load is off.

    Furthermore, there would be no way to “override” the motion sensor in order to turn the lights on. For example, our product wouldn’t be able to turn the lights on unless the sensor was also seeing motion at the same time.

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