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Thread: Need help with a new home build

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    Need help with a new home build

    Construction for my new house will start in March. I expect it to be finished around end of August. It will be a ranch with a full basement; about 5k+ living space. I suspect there will be over 50 devices in the home. My current house has Insteon with an old outdated ISY hub. I've been mostly happy with Insteon, but I've had this so long that some of the switches are not LED dim compatible. I think the little mini remote is too small and feels cheap. I've had a few devices go bad over the years and need replaced, but overall works well. I'm looking beyond Insteon because there "Insteon Hub Pro" which is the Homekit hub gets very poor reviews.

    Since, I'll be starting fresh in a new home I am considering Lutron. The Caseta system sounds good as it seems to support everything (homekit, echo, ecobee, nest, and so on, but apparently has a 50 device limit. Then there is the RadioRa 2 that has a larger device limit (not sure what the limit is), but apparently a sore subject here on the forum is that Lutron has failed to update a hub to support as many "smart" protocols such as homekit for the RRa2 hub.

    Have I got the whole story? Based on some of the reading I've done on the forum so far, it sounds like there are a lot of professionals here. Can I get some suggestions? I'm not sure what is the best rout to go. Just FYI, we all have iPhones in our family. I don't have an Echo or AppleTV or anything like that YET.

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    Just to add a few more things. I'm keeping all my options open right now. We will continue to use iPhones, but I'm open to the idea of using any system Caseta, RRa2, Homekit, Echo, Nest, Ecobee, or anything else I've missed. I'd also like to have smart door locks for my main entry doors at some point. And, I'm considering some security cameras such as maybe Arlo. But I'm mostly interested in lights, ceiling fans, thermostats for zoned system, and doors right now.

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    Sit down and do a full device count. All wall switch boxes, including all 3-way setups. +5k space would likely use more than just 50. It's surprising how they add up. Especially if you also consider adding window shades.

    As for LEDs, even if you don't use Lutron switches their LED database can tell you a lot of about which ones can be properly controlled. Personally, I find the LED market to still be problematic, such that I prefer to go with standard screw-in style fixtures. At least those will always be able to find a replacement. Some of the ones with an integrated LED circuit board seem like they're going to be problematic to replace in the future. I'd rather not discover that there aren't any replacements and the whole fixture or trim has to be replaced.

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