A big frustration for me is that doing a Transfer of code to the system resets all occupancy sensors to Enabled for some reason. It's odd that light levels throughout the home survive a transfer of new programming just fine, but any occupancy sensors that may be set to "disabled" by a timeclock event (i.e. turn off motion sensors during the day), are enabled again after any programming update. The house just doesn't work right (in the minds of the homeowner) until it gets to the time of day that turns on/off the motion sensors.

I've found a kludgy workaround - I made a timeclock event called "Manually turn off motion sensors" that i set to some innocuous mid-day time, like 3pm, when motion sensors are mostly off anyway. Every time I do a Transfer, I have to go to my iphone, launch Connect app, go to Timeclock events, find that "Manually turn off motion sensors" event, and choose "Test Event". This shuts them off again, as I want. But what a pain.

Request - preserve the state of all motion sensors before a "transfer" and restore it at the end of the transfer.