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Thread: 4 way switch problems

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    4 way switch problems

    I literally just installed four Caseta dimmers (
    P-PKG1W-WH), and a smart bridge. Transpired mostly well, but one of the dimmers replaced a 3-way switch that was connected to two 4-way switches and another 3-way switch. I terminated the connections in the other 3-way switch as described in the documentation and put a Pico remote there, but I'm having issues with the two 4-way switches. Capped off a hot red wire with a non live outgoing white, a hot white with a non live red, and the ground separately in each of the two locations. The dimmer works, but I can now hear a buzzing at the circuit breaker box when it's turned on, whereas there was none below when the 4-way switches were present. I then -in each 4-way location- capped off all 4 wires in one connection, and the ground in a separate connection. This works, but the buzzing is still present when I turn on the dimmer (which works in this configuration as well). When the dimmer is turned off, the buzzing at the breaker ceases. At this point, I've turned off that breaker, and hoping someone might be able to guide me in the right direction on how to correctly cap off the wires where the 4-way switches used to reside. I know this information is properly insufficient to troubleshoot, but I'd be happy to answer any questions, and would really appreciate any assistance anyone can offer. TIA.

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    You should be using ONE dimmer and the rest PICO remotes. Is that the case?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davisadm View Post
    You should be using ONE dimmer and the rest PICO remotes. Is that the case?
    Thanks for responding. Yes, to clarify, there's one dimmer and three Pico remotes. At 2:30 this AM when I posted this, I was a little incoherent from exhaustion :)

    I wanted to update this thread, but I believe this has now been resolved.

    This AM I rewired both spots left vacant by the removal of the 4-way switches with both white wires capped off together, both red wires capped off together (separately) and the ground capped off separately. This ostensibly took the connections back to a 3-way connection, according to some electricians forums I was reviewing. There was still a buzzing, so I replaced all the older CFLs that were being controlled by that set of switches, with A19 LED bulbs that were recently on sale at Lowes. The buzzing has now ceased. Thank God!!! This was driving me bananas.
    I suspect this was a blessing in disguise, because further research indicates there may potentially be an issue with that breaker if something as relatively inconsequential as this caused that issue. I'll run all the devices connected to that circuit concurrently, see if I can replicate, and -if necessary, have the circuit breaker replaced.

    Thanks again.

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