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Thread: Best dimmer for LED. RRD-10ND vs RRD-6NA

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    Best dimmer for LED. RRD-10ND vs RRD-6NA

    Hi, I was wondering what dimmer is better for LEDs RRD-10ND or RRD-6NA? I installed both dimmers on LEDs and they seems to work the same.

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    This thread pops up every once in a while. It depends on the LEDs you use. I find that the 6NA are the best for the LEDs we use most often. However one of the other regular posters finds that they use the 10nd more often.

    If you take a look at and search for the models of LEDs you use most you can see which is a better fit for what you work with.

    Sometimes the 10nd can handle large quantities of LEDs per dimmer than the 6NA. Or times the dimming range on the 6NA is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukeetal View Post
    Sometimes the 10nd can handle large quantities of LEDs per dimmer than the 6NA. Or times the dimming range on the 6NA is better.
    Sometimes it's just the opposite. The 6NA can handle more devices than the 10ND specifically due to the starting current. Yeah, it's odd.

    But the BEST advice is to use the Lutron LED tool. Search for your devices. If you don't see yours listed then CALL LUTRON. They don't list everything they test. There are some that don't pass the full range of testing Lutron feels confident using. Their rationale is a lot of negative listings would be a problem for the device makers, and eventually be a potential liability for Lutron. But they will tell you over the phone if they've tested something. So always call if you don't see your desired device listed.

    The next best advice is LISTEN TO LUTRON. They know dimmers and lots of these bulb makers (and I use that term loosely) don't know how to make a decent dimmable power supply for an LED device.

    Yes, LED lighting IS that much of a headache. Yes, there are going to be some that just will not dim reliably with ANY dimmer; from Lutron or anyone else, regardless of what the bulb packaging might claim.

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    Sorry... possible thread hijack here, but I think the OP's question was answered so I'll ask a question that is little bit related. I recently installed some retrofit dimmable leds into can lights (these: ). I installed them into older incandescant cans that take standard bulbs with E26 base. They went in very slick, easy, and fairly inexpensive.

    I'm having a new house built starting in a March. I want LED dimmable bulbs wherever possible. I'm wondering, should I install recessed lighting with LED bulbs already built in to the cans? If so, are the bulbs easy to replace if one goes bad? Or, go with the older cans with the E26 base and install retrofit LEDs? It might sound silly to go the retrofit route on a new construction, but my thoughts are that if one goes bad it's very easy to replace. Or... as LED bulbs continue to improve with better CRI and R9 values, it might be easier to replace them all down the road. Maybe the newer LED cans are easy to replace as well, I just don't know anything about them.

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