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Thread: Caseta BR-30 buzzing compatibility

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    Caseta BR-30 buzzing compatibility

    Here's my adventure:

    Hyperikon 3000K 6-pack 12W from Amazon: 2.5/5 buzzing (the Lutron LEDTOOL mentions this may buzz but I didn't know that at the time)
    Sunco 3000K 6-pack 11W from Amazon: 3/5 buzz
    FEIT 4-pack 2700K 11.5W from Costco: 5/5 buzz
    CREE 3-pack 2700K 8W from Home Depot: 4/5 buzz
    GE Relax 2-pack 2700K 10W from Home Depot: 4/5 buzz


    Philips 3-pack 2700K w/warm glow dimming 9W, model number 9290011555 from Home Depot, 1/5 buzz, inaudible at seating level with my 9' ceilings

    Hope this helps

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    This is great info. Have you subsequently tested a non-warm-glow Philips bulb, or an integrated LED downlight? I'm having a terrible time finding a standard soft white downlight that doesn't buzz.

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