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Thread: Blew a bulb, blew a switch?

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    Blew a bulb, blew a switch?

    Today I turned on my PD-5WS-DV via Alexa and the bulb blew. The bad news is that it looks like it took out my switch as well. The green light on the switch is no longer illuminated and no breaker was tripped. Is there anything else I should check?

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    I_would_assume_nothing. Very possible there was an iffy connection somewhere in the wallbox that went south the same time you tried using it. I would open up the switchbox and check all connections- I've found more than once that a loose splice caused the problem and tightening the wirenut properly fixed the issue.

    I just re-read the post. Not sure about the switch you listed, but it's possible it's a no-neutral-required device that relies on a lamp to complete the circuit required to power the switch. Replacing the lamp with a known good one should correct all of your issues. I'd start there.

    Good luck

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    That switch needs a load (good light bulb) to function as it does not have a neutral. The caseta line is very durable, it is very unlikely the switch was damaged by the bulb blowing. Older dimmers would sometimes fry when bulbs went but I have never seen it happen with Caseta. If the bulb doesn't solve the issue call Lutron support. I am pretty sure the switches Have a 1 year warranty.
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