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Thread: App Update - Widget Screen Colors

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    App Update - Widget Screen Colors

    I noticed with the new app update that the widget screen colors changed. Personally, i'm finding the contrast difficult to see. I do like the ability to collapse the menu. Anyway to either revert it or customize the colors?
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    I agree, it is very difficult to read but the collapse/expand is awesome.

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    Widgets for older versions of iOS had a dark background. When apps are recompiled for iOS 10, their widgets get the new, lighter-colored background. This is supposed to indicate that the app developer has made changes to make the widget work with the lighter background.

    It looks to me like Lutron recompiled the app with iOS 10 but didn't make changes to make the widget work well with the light background. They should probably be using black/dark text.

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    Yeah this seems to be an Apple thing as when I updated my ecobee app it did the same thing to the widget colour.

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