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Thread: New SmartThings integration with RA2??

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    New SmartThings integration with RA2??

    Hi there- based on this Lutron PR today ( it looks like SmartThings integration is coming to the Caseta line.

    Anyone hear anything about bringing that to RA2?

    So frustrating that the supposed high end line always seems like 2nd fiddle here. Once Lutron does a direct integration from Connect Bridge to SmartThings, most of the rest of the "... I want to connect Lutron to ______ " will go away because they'll get all the integrations that ST does, plus a darn good ST to IFTTT integration.

    BTW: my post over on the IFTTT thread explained a few of the use cases that I'd use SmartThings or IFTTT integration for:

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    Very confusing seems like RadioRA2 and Homeworks are not getting this stuff?

    Can anyone elaborate?

    ~ M.

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    I have no insight but it was similar with Alexa support so maybe this will come later

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    I had someone check with Lutron at CES. They basically said they want to bring this functionality to RadioRA2 in the "long term", but no date yet.

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    Meanwhile if you want RA2 integration look into a 3rd party controller like Homeseer (among others).

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    I've got RA2 and SmartThings working - to a degree - but have had to do it with Crestron in the middle. It isn't ideal, but it works. I can use RA2 controls for SmartThings loads for example. Native HWQS/SmartThings integration would be nice though

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    I was going to post this earlier. Upsetting that they keep adding all these integration options to the Caseta Line and nothing on RA2

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