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Thread: how to interface with Lutron Maestro?

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    how to interface with Lutron Maestro?

    Consider a Lutron Maestro 3-way setup. Suppose that I have a 3-way setup, and either of the switches can toggle the lights on or off. I would like to add a feature that causes the lights to go ON (not toggle) if an external circuit is energized. So it would solve my problem to have another Maestro device that looks like another control added to the 3-way setup. But this control would respond not to the pressing of the button, but to an external signal. The external signal I have is 0V or 120V AC, but I could translate that into any signal needed, e.g., 0V or +10V DC.

    So what I am asking is whether there exists a Lutron Maestro device that accepts any kind of signal instead of mechanical pressure on a button.

    I know that some computer interface possibilities exist, but I was trying to avoid going to full computer control.

    Thanks for any information.

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    Hello Tom, If I am understanding correctly, you are looking to have a Maestro turn on without a physical button press. The only way we can suggest to accomplish this would be to use our Maestro Wireless controls with wireless occupancy sensors from our Radio Powr Savr family.

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    The occupancy sensors have an undesirable feature - they time out and shut the lights off.

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