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Thread: LMJ with Radio RA2

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    LMJ with Radio RA2

    I am a builder who has hired a lighting designer after we already wired 22 recessed housings and covered them up. This designer sold us 22 LED fixtures to go into these cans. He also sold us 4 LMJ low voltage dimming modules to power these fixtures on 4 different circuits. These LMJ's were wired to a transformer for each circuit. We were to connect the low voltage wires at the bottom of the LMJ to each circuit. The problem is that the prewiring was done with 12/2 romex, and it was wired in parallel. We installed the lights and they work and dim, being controlled by a separate Pico on each circuit . We complained to the lighting designer that the lights do not seem bright enough. He told us the lights had to be wired in series, not parallel.
    This is a problem, since the ceilings are finished. However, we may be able to get access to the wiring and rewire in series by reversing the direction of the neutral so it can return to the LMJ.
    Here is my question. Is it worth the effort to rewire in series? Will this give us better performance than being wired in parallel from an LMJ? It works and dims as is. I had planned to use Nicor LED lights from the very beginning, but the designer told me that they were not compatible with Lutron Radio RA2. He then sold us his high quality, 0 to 10 % lights. I have proved him wrong about this and have installed the Nicor LED lights on the carport, they work and dim very well and very low with a Radio RA 6NA dimmer.
    It will be very time consuming to have someone with small hands rewire these 3 inch recessed cans. Is it worth it? Does the LMJ dimming module care whether we are wired in series or parallel?
    Thanks for your assistance.

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    I've never heard of any recess housing that required being wired in series and if that were the case it was your designer who specified the lights responsibility to inform and instruct you on their wiring requirement if not typical. I think some constant voltage LED can be wired in series but from what I've read it's more for architectual signage and stuff where even illumination is mandatory. What type of driver is being used, constant voltage or constant current, could try the opposite of what's installed. Is there any high limit trim on these diming modules? Admiitedly I don't know enough about LEDs, they usually just work, what are the specs of these LEDs, their lumen output, etc, make, model. Could just just a poor choice maybe if you have any left or can get more it would be worth while to bench test them to see what works best.
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    Hello veedos,
    Thank you for your post.
    I am not aware of any situation where you want to wire your fixtures in series. Perhaps on the low voltage side of the fixture but never the line voltage side. If the lights turn on and off and dim up and down then the LMJ is working. One test you can do is disconnect the LMJ 0-10v leads from the fixture and see if the fixture gets brighter. If it does get brighter then this may be a compatibility issue or a high end trim programming problem in the software. The high end trim default should be 99%. If the high end trim is 99% then its most likely a compatibility issue.
    If you would like to escalate this matter through Lutron please provide a specification sheet and installation instructions for these 0-10v fixtures by emailing into

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