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Thread: Lights Cutting Out

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    Lights Cutting Out

    Anyone have any problems with lights going on; staying on for a while; and then going off. Three lights that are on separate buttons on the same panel. 4th light on that panel not affected?

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    How long before they go off? Do they go off together? What version of the software on the main are you using? (Thinking someone may have engaged "rollback")

    What lights are they? What dimmer?
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    Is this a new problem or one that's been happening since installation?

    It'd help if you better describe which switches you have. "Panel" isn't typically a term used with RA2 setups.

    Most of the RA2 devices have LEDs on them to indicate status. When the lights go off does the status LED likewise go out? This will not apply to remote dimmers (3 way circuit setups), some keypads (depending on their programming) or the wireless Pico remotes. So knowing what you've got makes a difference in what troubleshooting steps might help.

    That and what lighting fixtures are attached to these dimmers? Incandescent, LED, CFL, or what? Not all lighting elements are reliably dimmable.

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