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Thread: Help with switch choice

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    Help with switch choice

    Hi im looking for a Caseta switch for a switch that is a 3 way connected to 6 fixtures of NICOR LED ACW-20 (4' led shop lights)
    I have tried the switch that came with my kit (PD-6WCL) and a pico (PJ-3BRL) in 2nd location but it doesn't seem to be working at all, the LED's on switch light up and move but I only got the lights to blink once. I wired the switch as per instructions.
    is this the proper switch? I have read people changing the wiring to the switch but want to make sure first.
    also if it helps I don't care if they dim or not just looking for caseta control for on/off.

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    If it helps the Nicor spec say it draws 39W x 6 is 234w

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    That particular fixture dims via 0-10V, which means the line voltage dimmer you have would not work. You would need a PD-10NXD-WH to run the GRX-TVI to dim those fixtures. If you are just using this for this room and not on a system, you could run two Picos with the TriPak RMJ-5T-DV-B.
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