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Thread: mixed loads in a zone- will QS adaptive dimmer work

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    mixed loads in a zone- will QS adaptive dimmer work

    I'm in the middle of bidding a HWQS system that will most likely be wallbox control. Almost all recessed lighting fixtures are spec'd as reverse-phase LED cans (element lighting). A few zones in hallways are planned to be mixed- owner-supplied ceiling fixtures in line with the rev-phase LED downlights. Is it prudent to follow the plan as wired and spec an NA dimmer, or should I push to have the 2 switch legs split up so the downlights are a separate control from the surface mount fixtures? Can a 6NA dimmer control a mixed load zone with rev-phase LED and incandescent lamps?

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    Pete F.
    digit1-An NA dimmer can control reverse phase LEDs and incandescent lamps on the same lighting circuit. As long as you are not trying to control ELV and MLV from an NA dimmer, you should not have an issue. I recommend you check, to verify that the LEDs you are using from Element Lighting appears there for your NA dimmer. If they do not appear on that list, we would be unable to guarantee performance (i.e. flashing, buzzing..etc)

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