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Thread: 2 Different Issues

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    2 Different Issues

    I recently have starting installing the in-wall dimmers. I have 3 installed and a 4th installed in a 3-way switch format.

    The 3-way switch and one other switches work perfectly.

    First issue. This switch is in a 2 gang box with another in-wall dimmer that works fine. My issue with one switch is that when its off the lights flicker. When they are on they stay lit without any flickering. This switch is controlling 2 light fixtures. Another issue that seems to happen is that when I have the other switch that is in the same box off the other lights will not come on. Once I turn on the switch that doesn't seem to have any issues the other switch will turn on. But will still flicker when off. When both switches are off the one I'm having issues with still flickers. Is this a grounding issue? The grounds were all connected in the box the old switches didn't have a ground attached. I just attached the Caseta dimmers to the existing grounds in the box.

    Second issue. In my garage I have a 2 gang box with a standard paddle switch controlling the overhead garage lights and the in-wall dimmer controlling the 2 outside lights that illuminate my driveway. When I installed the in-wall dimmer and the lights on the driveway are off everything is fine. When I turn on the driveway lights one flickers while the other stays on. The 2 driveway lights are outdoor lights that have integrated LED's. Again when I changed out the switches they did not have grounds and all ground wires were grouped together. I left the that way and a attached the new switch ground to it. Is that my issue? Or is it the integrated LED lights themselves.

    Sorry for the long post. I want to get this figured out so I can add the addition switches I have purchased and know what to look for. I have halted the installation until I get this resolved.


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    First issue: It sounds like you are feeding your second dimmer with the "switch leg" of the first dimmer (wire going to lights). This would explain why you can't turn the second dimmer on when the first in off. It would also explain the flickering... it may be easier to get the wiring for this straightened out over phone. Please give use a call at 1 (800) 523-9466 and we will be happy to assist.

    Second issue: This sounds like an LED compatibility issue. Is you replace the bulbs with incandescent or halogen bulbs, does the flickering subside? If so, please visit to locate a list of compatible LED bulbs.

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