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Thread: Sequence of Operation for HVAC controller

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    Sequence of Operation for HVAC controller

    Is the sequence of operations available for the HVAC controller? I have a heat pump with aux heat as its second stage and I'm interested in how long it takes stage one running before it kicks to stage two. I saw the temp delta adjustments in advanced settings of the software, but it does not reference how a failure to achieve temp from stage 1 is treated. Thanks!

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    The HVAC controller will only turn on the aux heat if the difference between the current temp and set point is greater than the Aux Heat Stage Delta that was set up using the RadioRA2 software.

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    Are you sure? If that is the case then there is a gap in logic that would allow a functional system to stop operating efficiently. If the delta is set to 2 degrees, and room set is only one degree above room temp, but stage one is unable to achieve the set point it will run indefinatly. Is there a maximum runtime?

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    With the HVAC controller the first stage heat or cool will stay on until either the set point is reached or until the delta is reached to turn on the second stage heat or cool.

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