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Thread: Accessing Connect Bridge Remotely

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    Accessing Connect Bridge Remotely

    Long story, but I had a functional RA2 system with a Connect Bridge installed. Both homeowners were able to use the Connect app to access they system both at home and remotely. At some point, the app (v2.1) on one of the mobile devices (iPhone) would no longer load. Specifically, once the app icon is tapped, the app reads “Connecting . . .”, then changes to “Downloading system configuration . . .” and then shuts down. Soon after, the other homeowner did an iOS update to v10.0.2 and ended up with the same behavior.

    Nothing resolved the issue including deleting and reinstalling the app. The legacy Home Control+ app still worked however so that was a temporary fix. In an attempt at troubleshooting the issue, a replacement Connect Bridge was added to see if this resolved the issue, but no luck.

    Fast forward to the latest iOS update (10.1.1) along with the current version of the app (v3.0) and the Connect app works but only when connected to the home's wifi network. When either mobile device is taken off the wifi network, the app is not able to connect.

    Is this a DHCP settings issue or is something else at play here? DHCP on the Main Repeater is currently enabled, but is disabled on the Connect Bridge.


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    I asked this the first time I used connect bridge and I got conflicting answers. The best answer I got was that in THEORY it should work under DHCP. I have a demo unit that's been working fine under both the main repeater and connect bridge being on DHCP in a lighting store (I didn't know the networking there and wasn't going to assign static IPs without knowing the range). I have also heard that it is possible for it to not work correctly with DHCP and it's always best to have a static IP for both.

    In your case, when you say you have disabled DHCP for the connect bridge, did YOU assign it a static IP? If it's setup for static and you don't assign it one, the router might have treated it like DHCP and gave it an address but then changed it and then some sort of conflict started. I would put both in static IP and make sure and find two free addresses that are outside of the router's DHCP range and not in use.

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    in my opinion, its always best to assign IP addresses to your devices. the key is to assign an address that is OUTSIDE of your routers DHCP range!! (unless you use IP reservation in your router) i would start with that and make sure that your main repeater and the connect bridge have a unique IP address not assigned to any other device on the network. it can happen, and has thrown me through a loop a few times over the years

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