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Thread: Join two dimmers together

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    Lutron has a hybrid keypad (keypad in the front, dimmer in the back) for their RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks systems. We've been asking for some time for a keypad/switch combination but that doesn't seem to be in the works. I'm not sure if this is an option for Caseta. The "processor" is pretty limited and have to maintain compatibility with quite a few 3rd party systems.
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    They don't need any new hardware, this could be done completely in software on the bridge (requiring a bridge for the feature too). They would need to add a way in the app to configure what the dimmer buttons do in addition to the direct control. A simple "mirror action to X dimmer" would do it, along with some logic if the setting is configured on both sides to not create an endless loop. For just on/off, if you use Homekit, you can already do this. Create rules like "When Light A turns on, and Light B is Off, then set scene where both lights on" With versions for Off, and triggering from whichever sides you want. Trying to do for all dimming levels would be to many rules. There is also a slight delay as the rule runs, which might matter depending on the use case. However, if Lutron did it, they could eliminate the delay and simplify the rules since it would all be in the Lutron app/bridge not some external integration.

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    I could use something like this now. We have a hallway light that is placed in a poor position. We want to add a lamp to a table on the other end connected to the plugin dimmer. It would have been really nice if the switch could have controlled both the plugin dimmer and the light. It sounds like the only option would be to use a Pico, but we have no way of hiding the actual dimmer.

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    If you are an apple user and have the correct device in the house- IPad Pro, ATV4, homePod, thenyou can link to two switches in Caseta through HomeKit.
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