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Thread: LED Dimmable Driver from Hafele

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    LED Dimmable Driver from Hafele

    My client has a pre-existing Ra2 system in his home and his designer is putting in LED strip lighting for his cabinetry. I did as much diligence as I could to see if the driver / fixture is compatible with a Ra2 product, but it did not exist in the report cards / LED Selection Tool. I am hoping that someone worked with this lighting and can tell me if the dimmable LED driver will work, and with the RA2 product they used.

    Here is the product:

    Driver: 12V Dimmable Magnetic Driver: Item No. 833.02.930

    Fixture: Loox LED 2015 12V System: Item No. 833.73.443

    Thanks, greatly appreciated.

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    I do similar set ups all the time. Forward phase, neutral wire dimmers should work. RRD-10ND, either hybrid keypad (old style use the neutral), PHPM-PA, Graphic Eye. I would stay away from the RRD-6NA, some mag dimmable transformers/drivers cause it trouble.
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    I would stay away from any LED that uses magnetic driver Electronic either constant voltage or constant current is the best. Anytime they want you to use magnetic driver thats is a red flag to garbage.

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