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Thread: Random numbers in QS 10.6 programming tab

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    Random numbers in QS 10.6 programming tab

    I am programming conditionals into a system i am working on and have noticed random numbers appearing in the conditional press page. its 19391 highlighted in the image attached. Any ideas what this means or why it is showing up?

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    Hello paulie,
    Thank you for your post.
    Those numbers you see do not affect the programming. The numbers can be ignored.
    This problem has been identified as a bug and will be fixed in a future release.

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    I have also had this and spoke to tech support about the issue but i'm having issues with programming.

    Im not 100% on the issues but it was working ok before update but not after.

    I have been running an Automatic sequence with a 3rd party PIR, now when PIR is triggered its as tho its ignoring the auto sequence and turning off/on when triggered and not waiting till sequence has finished.
    I have yet to fully test what is going on but i will post back.


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    I played with 10.6 today and was pleased to find programming reports- a big help. Speaking of weird numbers: the panel wiring detail report has an odd title that seems to be similar to the original poster's complaint- doesn't affect performance, just looks odd.

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