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Thread: Can an LED driver kill a Lutron dimmer or switch?

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    Question Can an LED driver kill a Lutron dimmer or switch?

    Is it unique for Lutron dimmers or switches to fail within a week or a month of installation?

    Can a generic led driver kill a Lutron dimmer or switch?

    What pitfalls should an electrician be aware of when wiring a Lutron dimmer or switch to avoid damage to the Lutron device?

    I am asking all of this because i have a strong, logical fear that seems to indicate that an LED driver supplied by the custom LED installer seems to be the only common denominator in the failure in three(3) RA2 Grafik T dimmers, one(1) RA2 Grafik T switch and one(1) standard RA2 Lutron switch over the period of 1 month.

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    It doesn't say it's compatible anything can go wrong (or work)

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