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Thread: Use In wall dimmer as additional remote?

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    Use In wall dimmer as additional remote?

    I was wondering if there was a way to program an in wall dimmer to act as a remote for the lamp dimmer. I have an in wall dimmer for my living room lights but also have a lamp in there connected to a remote. I would like to walk in the room and turn on the light with the in wall dimmer and not use the remote. Like in the app how you can assign lights to a remote I wish you could add lights to an in wall dimmer switch. That would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

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    It's kind of a work around but... if you have a HomeKit smart Bridge and an Apple TV 4:
    HomeKit allows for automations so when light 1 turns on light 2 (3,4,5etc) turn on too. Or off.
    For example
    Hit the dimmer by the bedroom door for the ceiling lights, HomeKit turns on the lamp dimmer and turns of the living room lights etc.

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