Shared Scenes is a big timesaver when programming multiple keypads. But it seems strange that you can't call a shared scene from an occupancy sensor or a timeclock event. If I want occupancy to trigger the same settings as a shared scene from a keypad, I have to manually set the exact same load settings for all the lights in the zone, which is a pain. And of course if I (or the homeowner) make changes to a keypad-based shared scene, I have to reprogram the occupancy and/or timeclock settings again if I want them to be consistent (and to light up the right button on keypads when the event occurs.)

Wouldn't it be much easier if the software allowed those same shared scenes to be called from occupancy, and timeclock settings?

Lutron team - could this be added to a future rev of the software or am I missing some complexity that prevents this or makes it undesirable?