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Thread: Shades "offline" in transfer and set shade limits function, but work on iPad?

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    Shades "offline" in transfer and set shade limits function, but work on iPad?

    Working a job where the transfer would not go through on eight of 29 shades. Transfer log has normal red warning. In Set Shade Limits, shades would not communicate and were "offline". Interesting in that most of these shades would not respond to keypad button presses, yet would operate as individual devices through the iPad app. Solutions?

    I can send a system support file, and I will be contacting the local shade provider. Currently using 5.6.6 for this particular job. I am hesitant to upgrade to any newer version as this might cause more problems if the devices do not receive the latest firmware update, or is firmware on the main repeater irrelevant to the devices?
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    When you use the Lutron Home Control+ app to control the shades individually the system is sending a command directly to the shades, but when you press a button the system is sending out what preset the shades should use. If the shade was not successfully transferred to it will not have that preset information.

    How far are the shade antennas from a repeater on the system? Also are the antennas inside a metal pocket?

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