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Thread: 6 Button keypad 80% "broken" after de-activate and re-activate?

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    6 Button keypad 80% "broken" after de-activate and re-activate?

    I was using 5 of 6 buttons on my 6 button wall keypad to control other dimmers/switches on my main floor.

    6th button was to control Sonos (for a while via my home automation system then later via Lutron's Connect app, which had issues so I needed help removing it).

    Support had me de-activte the keypad via triple tap. Removed and then deactivated from the desktop software. Transferred. Fine.

    Now that keypad (not a hybrid keypad) only controls 1 of my 5 lights. When I press buttons on it it reports in the telnet session i opened with the repeater. When i turn the other lights on via their switches, the keypad buttons light up. But I can't turn any of those lights on or off from the keypad.

    Any idea?

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    Check the levels that are programmed to the respective buttons. May be there is a glitch that changed the levels to 0%? I would use a device and try and edit those buttons to find out what the main thinks it is supposed to be doing. Also, was your transfer successful?

    On rare occasions, I need to update the firmware (despite the computer saying that the firmware is up to date). Make sure to hardwire into your system either through the network or directly.
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