Add a"RF seeTouch" keypad in devices (it will be virtual)
Then go to Program tab.
Select a button on the keypad, Select Button type "path of light".
Select the device (light, Fan, Shade).
Add the setting: Light at 50% or Fan on Medium.....
Transfer to Bridge (you will get an error that the keypad did not transfer... thats ok)
Go to Lutron Connect and select Amazon Alexa & Google Home.
Add Remove Scenes (they should show now)
Assign a command name to each button on the you created in the RA2 program. (ie Living Room Fan)
Ask Alexa to discover my devices.
You will not be able to see any new devices, but you will be able to see the scenes.

Ask Alexa to turn on Living Room Fan.
She will say OK
Fan will turn on to the preset level (you will not be able to go up or down)
Ask Alexa to turn Living Room Fan off and it will turn off.
To get a fan on a different setting you will need to program additional buttons in the RA2.