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Thread: Advanced Networking

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    Advanced Networking

    When using QS software with Multicast on a Windows system that has multiple IP addresses set statically on a single network adapted the multicast scan will fail the status test.

    This can be resolved by removing additional IP addresses from the network adapter configuration. (Not a good fix since those are needed)

    This issue only comes into play when extraction is needed however it also is faster on upload using multicast.

    QS software should evaluate all IP addresses assigned to an adapter for subnet conflicts before reporting a multicast failure.

    Does Lutron have intentions of fixing this issue in any future releases

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    I've felt that QS and Ra2 have had serious issues with multicast lately (as pointed out in other threads). It's got to the point that I no longer can locate the QS processor on a new system using multicast without directly connecting to the processor and turning off all my firewalls and once set up, the only way to access the system on the network without getting a connection error is to have static IP set up. It wasn't like this before and I could just connect the processor to the router using DHCP and connect without changing all my adapter settings but something is amiss and I hope Lutron really dedicates some time into fixing multicast so I don't have to waste an hour doing "workarounds". For a premium product, this is inexcusable.

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    I have yet to go beyond QS 9.4 as I will not be a beta tester for their new releases. I still can get to and load systems remotely using 9.4 over VPN and after reading all the posts with people having problems connecting I will likely remain at 9.4 since it seems to work. Having to install a $50,000 lighting system and being told to turn off my firewall to be able to connect to a device whether its in the same room or over a VPN is just ridiculous in 2016.

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