I have a QS-GRJ-6P that's working just fine via RadioRa 2. I need to trigger scenes via IR, so I have an IR signal coming in to the back at the appropriate terminals. Works fine in general - the trained remote (trained with the direct IR codes for "Scene 1" through "Scene 5") does trigger the scenes I want. (manually configured GrafikEye scenes).

BUT, when the scene is triggered via IR, the rest of the system doesn't see the proper lighting levels for that zone, (for example the Lutron Connect App), but instead they are seeing the DEFAULT lighting levels for the loads on that Grafik Eye. i.e. if "Scene 1" is triggered via IR, the lights each go to the levels I programmed for that scene, but the Connect app reports each load at 100% because that's the default on the Grafik Eye out of the box. If I trigger scene 2, the lights go to the right levels, but the connect app shows all 6 loads at 75% even though the lights are NOT at 75%... some are even completely off in some scenes. "Scene 3" shows 50% on all loads, "Scene 4" shows 25%, "Scene 5" shows all lights off... but in each case this is WRONG. To make sure I'm describing it right, the lights in the room are all at the right levels for each scene, but the system doesn't THINK they are... it thinks they're at the pre-programmed factory default dim levels for scenes 1-5 on a grafik eye (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, off for Scenes 1-5 respectively).

Anyone have a clue why Connect app is showing wrong values for lights that are actually at a very different level? Why, if I've changed the default first 5 scenes, would the system still think those loads are at the default levels for that scene instead of where they really are?

Another side-effect is that keypads don't light the right button when the scene is triggered even though the levels are exactly right for that button. Again, i'm sure it's because the keypads are also getting wrong dim levels for each load from the Grafik Eye.

Any help much appreciated!