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Thread: Looking for Lutron Venetian Blind 4-wire connector & guide wire part number

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    Looking for Lutron Venetian Blind 4-wire connector & guide wire part number

    We are a yacht builder and are installing customer-specified Lutron blinds and shades. Our Lutron supplier is unable to supply the 4-wire straight female connectors that plug the Lutron cable into the Venetian blinds. I have not been able to find a Lutron part number or a cross-referenced open supply part.

    Likewise, I am in need of the Lutron guide wire part number.

    Many thanks.

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    Hello Kaiser_will,

    The model number for the 4 pin Terminal Block ( Female ) is 443705. If you can provide me with you email address or email in to we can get you the QS wiring and programming guide.

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    Hi, I need a detailed specification to find the right product. Can you message me?
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    The part number of the white connector that attaches to the wall wires, to plug into the shade is model number QSSC-CON-RPL.

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    Those are Phoenix connectors. You should be able to locate them online.

    Lutron supplies those connectors with the shades.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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