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Thread: Which legacy devices are still available for sale?

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    Which legacy devices are still available for sale?

    Does anybody know which processors are still available for sale? I'm still pretty confused because I could have sworn that when QS came out 5 years ago or so, we were told that HWI would still have parts available for 10 years before it's obsolete and they even went as far as to say that we could still even sell new HWI systems while QS was being rolled out. As I found out last month, apparently Series 4 P5 processors were no longer sold, or at least the one in the house I was in. This was according to Tech support. The only option was to upgrade to QS. While I was griping about that in another thread, a Lutron person disputed that and said that it would be available if I emailed It was too late for that job as the customer was receptive to upgrading the system, but I thought I'd email to finally get a clear answer as why tech support, at the moment when I needed them most told me it wasn't available.

    I emailed and was told that price and availability of the parts to make the part we need are all handled individually in a case by case basis, but that is little comfort when you're in a house with a dead processor. So now I'm more confused than ever.

    The systems I'm most concerned about as I service them on a regular basis are:
    Series 4 P5 processor (HWI, not Interactive)
    Series 8 P5 Processor
    And the standalone Wireless Homeworks (the one with the antenna sticking out from it)

    If a customer calls me and says none of the lights in the house are coming on with one of those systems, they are going to need an answer right away so it would be really helpful to know whether I can order the processor through our supplier or not. And if Tech Support says it's not available, that should be the final answer and not later be told "you should have emailed that other department in our company that doesn't talk to the department."

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    Hello SparkyCoog,
    Thank you for your post.
    We can offer a processor replacement if the processor is still under the 8 year warranty. This is handled through technical support first to deem the processor a defect. Technical support will then assign a case number, provide this to the dealer and be offered a transfer to our customer service department who handles the rest of the process. We may have to make exceptions on a case by case basis, but the above is the current process. You are welcome to email for other parts such as keypads, dimmers, etc. Some of the other components can be purchased as a replacement, not as an addition to a current system through our obsolete products team.

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