?So I moved from a condo to a new home in the last 2 months. As with any new construction builld I've been upgrading the home. Home automation is of big interest but I'm struggling with what hub.
As of right now (or in the next month) I have the following:

  • About 7 lutron swithces/dimmer
  • Amazon Echo/dot
  • Sonos system
  • Nest

In the near future I would like the following:
- Garage door control (very important)
- Harmony Hub Control (very important)
- Home Security - No preference on any but I want my wife to feel safe when I travel for work
- Electronic Door locks

So here is the thing. I absolutely love my lutron switches/hub. It works flawlessly and frankly they are some of the best in the business when it comes to lighting. With that being the case I've been debating alternative hubs.... primarily Wink and SmartThings. I have no preference to either other than the lighting will continue to be lutron.
With that being said my phase 2 of home automation - security and garage doors/locks will come in the spring of 2017. Do I buy a Smartthings now? A Wink 2 now? Or wait until spring to see where the next new hub is"? Frankly I'm just trying to plan for the future