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Thread: Where can I learn more about Vive? Do you have any videos I can view?

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    Where can I learn more about Vive? Do you have any videos I can view?

    Great questions! There is a wealth of information found on our website at, including videos. We also have a video playlist which can be found here:

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    Not really a wealth of information as you lead to believe. As an electrical contractor myself who is already a level 2 Radio Ra2 designer, installer, and programmer- I find more and more lately that the residential customers are looking to have the same functions and capabilities of the Ra2 system in a commercial/industrial setting minus the absurd price of the complex systems that are also out there. You would think the vive system is the answer, which it is. But we gotta have a better way of selling this (and Ra2 to be honest) to the clients via online videos specifically for them. Which means minimal technical jargon and a lot of "here's what it does, here's why its better than others, and here's the guys we certified for designing it, installing it, programming it, and servicing it".

    A lot of room for improvement on the media side of this business with Lutron but its still relatively early days so you should be asking your installers what to do in the future in order to stay out fron and be leaders in the market.

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    Thanks for the update and quick reply. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread.

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