I am a general contractor and have considerable experience installing Lutron dimmers with LED fixtures. On remodel projects I usually do the electrical work myself (as I have done on this remodel I am reporting on).

Just completed installation of MACL-153MLRHW-WH Maestro master and slave dimmers to control 5 dimmable 4-Ft LED replacement fluorescent tubes (these tubes are LED not fluorescent). At first everything worked perfectly. I could turn tubes on and off from either location (mater and slave) and could adjust tube brightness from either location (mater and slave). Everything worked perfectly. No flicker from the 4' LED tubes and a great range of lumens from lowest to brightest LED intensity.

Later I finished-off the installation by connecting the green ground wires from both the master and slave dimmers to the box-ground; and performed final mounting of slave and master units themselves into the two electric boxes. Then suddenly there is a serious problem. The LED tubes remain on at 100% brightness despite all attempts to turn them off, there are no green light indicators visible on the master dimmer, and the LED tubes cannot be turned OFF or dimmed from the dimmer switches. HELP!


This is a retrofit project so I cannot turn the circuit breaker off in order to turn the 4' LED tubes OFF. Instead I have had to remove the tubes to turn the light off. I also turned power on and off at the breaker in an attempt to reset the dimmers. Didn't help. Very frustrated. LED tubes remain full-on with no illuminated indicator lights on master dimmer and no way to turn LED on or off or dim from either master or slave dimmers.