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Thread: Alexa integration dimming

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    Alexa integration dimming

    Any work around to create voice dimming?
    I am creating "home owner" keypads for rooms I like different light levels for. I think it will work but it's going to eat up a lot of devices.
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    Caseta with Triathlon Shades, Sonos, Harmony, Nest, Alexa, and HomeKit.

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    this is being discussed over on the General Discussion forums here.

    Voice dimming is not yet supported because of the way Lutron has chosen to expose only scene triggers/buttons, NOT individual devices. You can get around it with clunky scene buttons to get to certain dim levels, but homeowner is not going to like it or find it natural.

    Also - don't use Homeowner keypads. Two reasons:
    1) as you point out, it eats up many devices (stupid decision by Lutron to have these count against device limits).
    2) Homeowner Keypads don't allow buttons to be programmed as toggles. (again, inexplicable design choice by Lutron). The best Alexa integration right now is to use toggle buttons for voice control Then you get the more natural "turn on living room lights" and "turn off {X**" commands rather than just single scene triggers.

    Instead, set up one or more virtual RR-T15RL tabletop remotes. I create a "room" called "Voice/Alexa remotes" and put them there. Then you only use 1 device count for 17 buttons ("all on" and "all off" can actually be programmed for anything you want, raising it to 17 buttons, not 15). AND you can now set up the buttons as toggles, so "on" and "off" voice commands work properly.

    The one downside to this is you'll get an error each time you Activate or Transfer programming since it can't "find" that virtual remote anywhere, but you'll know to just ignore this.

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