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Thread: Unable to find existing Main Rep that has static IP

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    Question Unable to find existing Main Rep that has static IP

    Folks, I located a Main Rep in this residential network, it has a static IP address. Using Fing I located the address, then logged into the Main Rep by typing its IP address on a browser, and checked the sw version (10.5). I installed Inclusive 10.5 on my laptop, connected to the same network. I pinged the laptop and the Main Rep, both respond. I open Inclusive and select Extract File. It simply can't find the Main Rep. I open a New Project a,d try to find the Main Rep, it can't be found. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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    It's probably either the windows firewall or the network switch (or router) blocking the protocol needed to find the main repeater. Have you tried calling Lutron support?
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    Thanks for the reply. I try not to contact Lutron support unless it is really needed. So here is the solution: unplug Main Rep from network, plug directly to computer NIC, program computer to the same domain as the Main Rep but with a different IP address (example: if Main Rep is, program computer to amd domain to and voila! The Main Rep is discoverable and ready for extraction.

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    Technically, it's not called a domain, it's an IP address range. Which is additionally refined by the subnet. being the range, narrowed to 254 devices using the /24 ( subnet mask.

    Domain typically indicates either the friendlier DNS (domain naming service) or a Windows authentication server realm.

    Your solution worked because when you set up a direct connection in the same IP range and subnet the network driver automagically handled the behind the scenes cross-referencing that goes on between an IP address and the actual Ethernet hardware address. That and a direct connection eliminates the possibility of anything else getting in the way or otherwise altering/blocking the network traffic.

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