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Thread: Inclusive Software Database Error crash

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    Inclusive Software Database Error crash

    I am not sure which version of the software this started with, maybe 9.0 or 10.0... Either way the first time I load any program file for the first time the software always freezes at 38% then crashes. The second load always works fine. I have been meaning to troubleshoot this for a while. does anyone have a suggestion? Screenshot of error attached. Error 3762, Application encountered problem...../SQLMODELINFO.MDF database is going to be shutdown.
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    A good first step would probably be to remove the software completely (using the OS control panel for Programs), reboot the computer and then re-install. It might also be worth opening a cmd prompt and doing an 'sfc /scannow' to make sure there aren't other OS files that have been corrupted.

    Note that Lutron, for various reasons, installs each new version as a separate program. So you may find there's a ton of disk space being consumed by older versions of the program. The main reason to keep old versions around is for projects that haven't been updated to the latest firmware. As in, you have a client at a remote location and nobody wants to schedule/pay for an on-site visit to do the firmware updates. Thus you'd keep a version of the software around to allow for remote updates/edits of the project without the latest firmware. That and, given the recent 10.4 problems, it's worth keeping at least the past one or two versions around.

    One useful technique for remote sites is to prepare a fully-configured small form-factor PC. Configure it to run 'headless' (no keyboard, mouse or display). Off-lease low-end mini PCs are pretty inexpensive, typically just under $200 (Dell Optiplex, HP Elite, Lenovo Thinkcenter, Intel NUC, etc). Outfit it with a 64gb (or larger) SSD and you'll have plenty of room for any software you'd likely need. The SSD will help avoid shipping/customer mis-handling problem a hard drive could suffer. Install the Ra2 software and a remote control program like Splashtop on it. Send that to the remote site and have them plug it into the network. That'll give you an actual PC on-site for doing stuff like firmware updates. That's sometimes less hassle than trying to setup and work through a VPN. This is likely less expensive than sending someone out somewhere (flights, hotel, per diem expenses) and will allow you to do everything from your end.

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