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Thread: Lutron App for Caseta Wireless and Sivoia QS Wireless Shades

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    Question Lutron App for Caseta Wireless and Sivoia QS Wireless Shades

    Could someone please help with detail instructions (press-this-see-that) or a link to a procedure that shows how to add Sivoia QS wireless Shades to Smart Bridge Pro 2 (L-BDGPRO2-WH) using Lutron App for CasÚta Wireless for iPhone?
    I had no problem adding the Serena Shades (app has detail instructions on that), but I have no idea how to put Sivoia QS wireless shades in a state that the App can find and add them.

    Thank you very much.

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    Two pieces of feedback:

    I see you went to the trouble of properly putting the accent on the "e" in Caseta for the title of your thread. Unfortunately, it seems that this forum's software doesn't handle accents well, and therefore few people will be able to open this thread to give you an answer. I made the same mistake last month.

    Second, perhaps take a peek at this thread:

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