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Thread: Replacement options for 15 volt DC transformer for HWI keypads

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    Replacement options for 15 volt DC transformer for HWI keypads

    In the last 10 years, I've had to change 2 of the PPS1-120-15DC panel based transformers in customers houses. One just died for no reason and the other because Mr. Roof Rat decided to get in the panel somehow so all in all, this is a solid transformer.

    The only problem is that these things are hard to get and super expensive especially when they don't sell the inside parts alone and you have to buy the whole panel and throw out the panel. I know there is the plug-in 900mA power ((T120-15DC-9-BL) supply as well.

    Since these are essentially just 15 volt DC power supplies, are third party ones ok to use? Currently I am in the process of upgrading an old HWI job to QS (which honestly has been kind of a nightmare so far), and I noticed the keypads were being run by a generic 2 amp power supply which between the time of my quote and the time we got started also clunked out.

    Given that we have 17 Seetouch keypads and a 2 Amp power supply would be enough for about 20 of them, I found a 2 amp DC power supply at a local electronics store so I'm wondering if that's going to be ok or do I need to actually buy a couple of the plug-ins from Lutron and split the keypads into two groups.

    Also, on another note, how strong are the HWI keypads? can a faulty power supply damage them?

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    Hi Sparky.

    From a physical point of view it makes no difference if you use a Lutron branded power supply or a no-name, as long as it supplies 15VDC at a constant rate. So it must be at least a regulated power supply. According to technical documentation the seeTouch keypads are 'tested to withstand surge voltages without damage or loss of operation'. So I guess they are pretty tough.


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    I have used this din rail power supply without issue. and bonus you can mount in a PNL-8,5, LV17,21 etc etc .. anything with din rail capabilities.

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