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Thread: Defective PD-6WCL?

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    Question Defective PD-6WCL?

    Hi all,

    I'm just getting started adding CasÚta dimmers and switches to my new home, which came with Feit CFLs (ESL13T/12) in all the light fixtures. I know they're not dimmable, but that's fine--I just want to turn them on or off.

    My first couple of installations were for circuits with at least six CFLs and they've been working great. I then tried replacing the switch for my bedroom ceiling light fixture, which has only two CFLs, and I've had less success there. I installed a PD-6WCL and noticed that at night I can see one of the bulbs just faintly flicker when the dimmer is off. I thought it might be a defective bulb and I replaced it with another CFL, but I still see the same behavior.

    Then I thought I might adjust the low-end trim on that dimmer and see if that would solve the issue. However, while the dimmer will enter the trim mode it won't respond to either up or down button to adjust.

    So, is that characteristic behavior when there's only 26 watts of load across the dimmer, or do I have a defective dimmer? I'm leaning towards defective, as "off" should be off!

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    You should be using the PD-5WS-DV-xx or the PD-6ANS-xx if you have fixtures that are non-dimmable. You are risking the fixture or bulb at a minimum when running it on the dimmer. For the low end flickering, I would suggest using the PD-6ANS-xx as soon as possible.

    The "bleed" you are experiencing is from the LED readout on the side of the dimmer. It is present on the switches as well. Running a neutral wire switch (PD-6ANS-xx) should be the solution.
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    Ah! Thanks, SanDiegoRep! I swapped out the non-dimmable CFLs for dimmable Cree LEDs and no more bleed. I haven't had a chance to try to trim the low end with the new bulbs, but it doesn't need trimming either and I wanted to say "thanks!" for the advice.

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