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Thread: Os firmware upgrade

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    Os firmware upgrade

    I can't get the firmware upgrade to finish. Stops at 13 percent and won't proceed. Trying to upgrade from 9.3 to 10.1
    Any ideas would be helpful.

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    Make sure all firewalls are off. Best to wire directly into the main repeater from your computer and update that way. If you are running any anti-virus software, turn that off as well.
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    As for firewalls, make sure you're not using something that's trying too hard to block everything. If you're using regular Windows Firewall then the RA2 software will work with it running. If you're using something attempting to proxy or otherwise 'filter' network traffic then you may want to consider suspending use of it ONLY while doing the transfers. It would be a very bad plan to simply disable the firewalls entirely. Those tend to get left turned off and the potential for problems increases with neglect.

    Likewise malware and virus scanners.

    But start by using a wired connection from the PC doing the transfer, as directly as possible into the same network switch as the repeater.

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