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Thread: Restore previous called scene, logic

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    Restore previous called scene, logic

    following Situation:
    Two Rooms seperated by one door. Both rooms have a seperate setup of scenes. Door has a doorswitch that indicates if the door is open or closed. Doorswitch is connected to CCI from a keypad in Room A.

    If Scene A1 in Room A is active and someone opens the door Scene B1 in Room B shall be called.
    If the door closes the last active Scene in Room B before Scene B1 was called shall be re-called.

    If any other Scene in Room A is active and someone opens and closes the door nothing shall happen.

    Is this possible? I think I need the possibility to save in a variable the name of called scene to recall this by the variable?
    Any other ways or ideas to do this?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Not sure if you are still trying to do this, but I think it might be possible. Try these steps:

    1. Create a variable for A called A_CURRENT_SCENE and add one state for each scene.
    2. Create a variable for B called B_SAVED_SCENE and add one state for each scene.
    3. Set the variables accordingly on every button press that recalls a scene in A and/or B.
    4. On the CCI programming for the OPEN, use a conditional to test if the variable A_CURRENT_SCENE equals A1 with the programming to turn on Scene B1, but do not change the state of B_SAVED_SCENE.
    5. On the CCI programming for the CLOSE, use nested conditionals based off B_SAVED_SCENE to recall the correct scene.

    There are a few things that are not accounted for in this logic. For example, if someone pushes a button to specifically set a scene in B after the door is open, currently it will not return to the previous scene, but it will stay at the current scene. This may be desirable, but can also be addressed with a little more programming.

    If you want further assistance, please send me a private message.


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