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Thread: Remote Upload from the Office

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    Remote Upload from the Office

    I have job a that's in the middle of nowhere and would like to be able to make small changes as the customer ask from my office.
    I have the IP to the house, and have set up a port forward to port 23 in their router.
    At my office, when I open the project in QS, I can use the Terminal Screen to connect to the processor.
    It work fine - but only in the Terminal Screen.
    I Can Not get it to link up in the Activation Screen, or Transfer Screen
    I have tried all combinations of IP settings to try and make it work.
    The house IP is for example
    The Processor IP are and 21
    How do I set this up so I can access from the office?

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    Port fowarding is not a good idea however you will also need port 51023

    Best thing to do is set up a machine on site that you leave running use RDP to get to machine Keep software on that machine. Thats the most stable way to do something like this. You have another choice of setting up a vpn to the house then your machine will be on that local network that works but not as stable as having a machine on site. With the cost of todays machines you van set something up fairly cheap.

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    so if I forward port 51023 also, this will work the way its set up?

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    You can try it you also need to be set Not to use multicast. You will not be able to extract either. This is not a recommended way in QS to upload. I personally wouldn't try it unless I had someone on site who can load if you lock up processor. Having a machine there is the best way. If the client can afford QS surely they can spend a few 100 on a machine.

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    I would only try this if you are able to make the drive if something goes wrong (ie. early in the day). All it takes is for a light bulb to be burned out and you won't be able to upload the programming to that dimmer. I also don't have much confidence in Lutron's networking lately with Windows 10.

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