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Thread: Wall Keypad Button Kits Clarifcation

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    Wall Keypad Button Kits Clarifcation

    Hopefully a quick and "easy" question.
    I'm a homeowner working with an installer on new construction. We have had several items where I ask questions about the the RA system capabilities from reading online and these forums and he has given me answers that I don't believe to be correct (or know are incorrect). My current question:
    He ordered 7 button wall keypads (RRD-W7B) for everywhere in the house. There are certain places where I don't think we need all 7 buttons (its just a lot of buttons and doesn't look good) and I would like some Raise Lower options as well. Am I correct in my understanding that the actual back end unit of all of the wall stations models except for the IR are actually the same, and the model number just defines what blank button kit it ships with?

    In other words, as we program, and I look at the other button kit options, as long as we only program what is needed, when we send in the engraving kits, I can make a 7 (RRD-W7B) button station actually become a 4 button with dual Raise/Lower (RRD-W2RLD).

    And just to add, there are no Hybrid keypads in the setup.

    Thanks very much,

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    All standard keypads (including the IR) are the same behind the button kit. The software defines which features and buttons are active. If you program a W6BRL to a W7B, the keypad will activate fine, you just won't have access to the raise or lower functions from the keypad directly until you get them engraved. You would still be able to access the raise/lower from either app.
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    Fantastic. Thank you very much for the quick reply.

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