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Thread: Selecting Load Type when working the Load Assignment Screen with HWQS 6.0

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    Selecting Load Type when working the Load Assignment Screen with HWQS 6.0

    I got used to the assignment tool not 'revealing' switched loads when assigning in the equipment screen in earlier revs of the software. Today I'm working on my first database build in 6.0 and I'm surprised to see when I assign an entire Floor to a PNL 8 loaded with 4As that exhaust fans and fluorescent switched loads are getting assigned to 4A outputs.
    I remember being annoyed in previous revs of the software that I could NOT assign a switched load to a 4A. The grass is always greener, right?
    Anyhow, I think it would be great if in the 'advanced' tab you could select what kind of loads I want to reveal/assign. If I'm working on TVM, I want to select 0-10v. If I'm working on a 4R, I only want to see exhaust fans and fluor lights.

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    Thank you for this feature request.

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