I've added quite a few Casetas to my home and have them all tied in with my Wink controller. Easy peasy.

I want to tie in cabinet lighting (strips of 3528) that will be include a number of zones. I'm also installing LV dimmers at each zone for fine tuning. I've installed a 150W MLV driver in the cellar and am running a series of home run lines to the various zones. The standard Casetta is not compatible with MLV, but the PRO version is, so I got it. What I didn't realize is that the neutral is required for MLV. My LED strips are flickering and I just noticed the fine print on the PRO, casually mentioning the neutral being required. Removing the Caseta eliminates the flicker.

Well, I've got two 14-2 cables running into this switch box. With the standard Caseta I run hot/black into the switch and then the neutral/white to the lights and back to the neutral bar. I have the whites marked black coming out of the switches. This seems to suggest to me that I should have run a 3-conductor, but I didn't and honestly I don't think I could at this point, since the wall has been buttoned up and brick veneer installed. Ugh. I might be able to "dig out" the box and go with old construction for the replacement, but it's not something I want to do, at this point.

A quote from another thread -> "The neutral wire on the 10NX will allow a lower minimum wattage and also eliminates most of the flickering."

I Guess I don't understand what this means. Can I tie the dimmer's neutral to ground? Am I dead in the water? Do I need to install a new switch box somewhere else so that I can run 3-conductor?

PS: Caseta isn't even in the list of approved dimmers for the MLV driver. Ugh. Nor is any dimmer that's on Wink's list. Ugh again.


Thank you for any insight.