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Thread: Illuminations and Windows 8.1 upload failures

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    Illuminations and Windows 8.1 upload failures

    We are currently investigating a potential issue when uploading a project file to the system on Windows 8.1 machines. The issue that we have seen is that with an Ethernet connection the file will fail to transfer the DBx.dat file. Currently the only work around to this issue is to use a RS232 connection to upload the project file.
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    i've face this issue yesterday, the homeowner want to upload the program that he made from his computer that use win 8.1, it stoped when uploading the dbx.dat.
    because of the upload is not completed the system is not working, so i have to upload the program from my computer, and i try to upload the program with my computer (in windows xp) through the LAN/Wifi connection and it failed, it says that i have probelm with port 21 or ftp. i try to upload the program with RS232 and it working, so i recommend to him to use the computer with windows xp or windows 7 when he want to upload his program.

    thanks for this info.

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    Windows7 has the same issue if the last set of updates from Microsoft have been installed. According to tech support they are working on a fix and it should be released "in a week or two".

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