I have a GRX-RS232 connected to a GRX-3106-CE and to a PC.
I have a little C# test program running on the PC that's communicating correctly in so much as I can send and receive data from the control unit.
If I send a :G request to get a list of Scenes and Control units it returns something like
~:ss MM2MMMMM 1 OK
meaning Controller 3(or C in my case) is currently on Scene 2

however whenever I send a command to try and set a scene on the unit like
nothing appears to happen on the 3106, although I do get an OK message back from the unit as if the command was successful i.e.~1 OK

On the GRX-RS232 I have DIP switches 6 and 7 set to on and I get data back each time a button is pressed on the GRX-3106

I wanted to know if the 3106 scenes just cannot be set by the GRX-RS232 and if this only works with the 3500 models?
Can someone clarify exactly which models of Grafik Eye can have their scenes set by the GRX-RS232 unit?

I also have a GXI-3104-CE and wondered if the GRX-RS232 can set the scenes on it or not before I wire up a test bed