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Thread: Redusing wiring and labor costs

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    Quote Originally Posted by veeeh View Post
    I think the original poster was describing panelized wiring, which, looking at HWQS, is passing the building codes.
    The OP is looking to save money on his build by reducing wiring...I doubt he is interested in spending $20k on some automation system that is quickly being rendered obsolete by solutions such as caseta.

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    Well, I didn't go that far but I did some. We just finished a full house remodel. When working with the electrician on the 2 and 3 way switched circuits, I made sure that as much as possible the feed every multi-switched device was in a single gang deep box and the slaves where in the multi-gang boxes. I then had him tie all the other 2 and 3 ways together so that essentially everything was single switched. I then went back and added the Pico's where needed. Made the boxes much cleaner and leaves the wiring ready for wired switches if needed. It took a while to get the electrician on board but once he understood how it worked he was all in. The inspector was flabbergasted but agreed it was within code if somewhat unconventional. I will say it is VERY important to document what you do and mark your wires. My electrician was an older guy like myself and made sure the next guy would be able to figure things out.

    It would be very nice if someday Lutron came out with reasonably price direct wire modules for lights. Then you could wire them all hot and use Pico's to control everything, from wherever you wanted. Ah well, I can always dream.

    BTW none of this is on a Smart Bridge, I only that for my shades and outdoor lights.

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