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Thread: Grafik-Eye QS and ceiling fans

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    Grafik-Eye QS and ceiling fans

    Wondering if the Grafik-eye QS Wireless(i.e. QSGRJ-6p) can have a setting for a zone that would mimic an RRD-2ANF for controlling a ceiling fan?

    Would save me a bunch of time putting in hidden dimmers/controls in closets with new wiring if instead i can use a single Grafik-eye... but i need good fan control for one of the zones.

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    The GEQS (or WPM) does not have a setting for fan speed. You could switch the fan on and off, however. If you would like control, you'll need the RRD-2ANF.
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    6 years later I think I should update this in case someone else googles it because I just saw this out in the wild. Grafik eyes DO NOT work with ceiling fans without an interface in between the fan and the Grafik Eye. There is also no true relay setting so if you pick "non-dimmed light", there will always be some trickling of current going to the fan whether it's on or off when one of the other 6 zones is on. This will wear down the motor of a fan over time, even if it appears to work at first.

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