In my 2 months working with Caseta, there does not appear to be any native double / triple tap functionality built into the System for switches and dimmers (given my config listed below). Has anyone come up with a way to implement this for these devices? Is this somehow possible through Apple Home app? Or the wink hub?

My config:

95+ Caseta devices across three Lutron smart bridges (Pro 2)
HomeSeer S6 Pro with plug-ins for Honeywell WiFi Thermostat and Caseta.
Also occasionally running the following apps (some nice features here)
Home-Smart Home Automation app
Apple Home app with latest Apple TV
ElGato Eve app

I foresee going to some z-wave scene controllers down the road for lack of a better way to accomplish that functionality. As well as adding Amazon Echo, some somfy shade controllers, pool interface controller, mosquito misting system controller, and integrating my doorbells.

For right now I would really like to get this double/triple tap functionality for a whole host of reasons. Any ideas or experience (good or bad) would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Justin in Dallas